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Who would believe that French Polynesia is one of the biggest countries of the world with about 5 million Km2 of surface? As large as Europe, it counts 118 islands among the most beautiful of the world, as Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Rangiroa.

Air Gekko is the only Polynesian airline company to be able to take you in every corner of the Polynesia and to return to its starting point in one day. Ideal to discover the wild archipelago of the Marquesas Islands, or the paradisiac and preserved islands of the Tuamotu, the plane is yours to discover treasures hidden in the islands of Tahiti.

We fly beyond Extraordinary.

Our fleet

Cessna Citation CJ 2+

Its cabin welcomes six passengers. Three baggage storages can contain a total of 500 kg of luggage, partly accessible from the cabin during the flight. Seats are generally settled into Club configuration. The CJ2 keeps the characteristics having made the success of the Citation: its low consumption of fuel, its simplicity and its excellent level performance.
Long range : 1 350 mn
Cruising speed : 400 kts
Cruise level : 45 000 ft
Cabin : 6 seats Club Configuration


A propeller aircraft is the most economic option on short or average distances. With a 250 kts cruising speed and a range of 1 200 mn on average, the small turboprops as King Air B200 can move faster and farther than the classic planes, while landing on smaller airports.

Get inside a King Air B200 and you will immediately be impressed. This aircraft influenced the whole sector and is the most famous business turboprop jet of all times today. It obtained this gratitude recognition by developing and by maintaining a technical excellent tradition, and an exceptional added value.

Long range : 1 200 mn
Cruising speed : 250 kts
Cruise level : 25 000 ft
Cabin : 6 seats Club Configuration


Wherever and whenever

The jet gets closer to all the islands and allows original trips still never made from now on. Leave you hotel of Bora Bora to spend an extraordinary day in the Marquesas Islands, either to do a fantastic dive in Rangiroa, then in Rurutu on the same day, is a service dedicated to you with luxury and privacy.
in French Polynesia
In the South Pacific

Special Flights


Business & Corporate

The fastest and the most economic way to connect the remote archipelagoes.

Passengers transport, urgent freight, or Funds transportation, Air Gekko allows to make custom-made flights while traveling long distances twice as less than usual flights today.


The CJ2 cruising speed of 400 Kts and its long range are the safest garanties to connect the most remote islands to the Medical Center of Tahiti twice as less time than usual sanitory evacuation. Nuku Hiva is only 2 hours away from Tahiti,instead of 4 today.

The CJ2 would also flies for MEDEVAC in the South Pacific region, to New Zealand, Rarotonga, Fiji and New Caledonia.

Our partners

Air Alizé is the first private jet company in New Caledonia. Air Alizé and Air Gekko share the maintenance organization Part 145. Each aircraft follows a strict and permanent technical maintenance.
Leading company in Tahiti of the private jets reception of and personalities'welcome. Its FBO international standard label guarantees a perfect technical and commercial service for crews and customers.
Air Gekko and TASC/Fbo share the technical maintenance of the aircrafts.
To help. Anywhere, anywhen.,
it’s our dual mission at the four corners of French Polynesia.


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